Jim Bacon Foundation

In 2013 the Ponting Foundation incorporated the fine work of the Jim Bacon Foundation into its ongoing activities.

The Jim Bacon Foundation was wound up following an approach to the Tasmanian government by Jim’s widow, Mrs. Honey Bacon and in close consultation with those involved in the Foundation.

The Jim Bacon Foundation (Wind-up) Bill 2013 received royal assent on 24 July 2013. The remaining funds in the Jim Bacon Foundation were transferred to the Ponting Foundation in August 2013 for the purpose of continuing to support Tasmanian cancer sufferers and their families.

For many years, the Jim Bacon Foundation addressed a range of needs, particularly for people experiencing financial difficulties, as they were identified by the individuals involved and at the discretion of those providing care, including:

  • Aids and equipment, furniture, clothing, travel expenses, and accommodation for patients and/or their family;
  • Assistance with costs incurred during treatment, and special needs to provide quality home care; and
  • Information to help people when they are diagnosed with cancer, to prepare for, and cope with, their treatment. A copy of the Cancer Support Book produced by The Jim Bacon Foundation here.

The Ponting Foundation is thrilled to continue the fine work of The Jim Bacon Foundation and, to this end, has awarded grants to assist organisations in Tasmania including:

  • Spurr Wing in Launceston – a facility that provides accommodation for patients and families of patients attending the Launceston General Hospital;
  • Fight Cancer Foundation – providing seriously ill patients from regional Tasmanian with low or no-cost accommodation when visiting Hobart to receive outpatient medical treatment; and
  • Hospice Support Volunteers – a state-wide organisation that provides support in many different ways, including home visits and hospital visits to specialist palliative care units, acute care and rural hospitals.