The Ponting Foundation has announced the continuation of its long-standing funding of Redkite’s Exceptional Needs Assistance (ENA) program.

The ENA program was developed by the Ponting Foundation in partnership with Redkite in 2009, in response to families experiencing ‘rare and severe’ needs in addition to a childhood cancer diagnosis. This level of need occurs in 1-2% of the on-treatment, palliative and early bereavement oncology population.

The ENA program is exclusively funded by the Ponting Foundation and brings much needed relief to families managing with exceptional circumstances at the most vulnerable time in their lives. ENA relates to rare and severe needs that are beyond what a family or young person could reasonably be expected to manage.

Cases are referred to Redkite by social welfare and health professionals across Australia and assistance comes in the form of grants of up to $5,000 per eligible family. Families seeking more information about the ENA program should speak with their social worker or medical professional, or contact Redkite direct.

The Ponting Foundation sincerely values its partnership with Redkite and the work that it does with families in need. This new commitment means that the ENA program will be fully funded by the Ponting Foundation for at least the next three years.